Scavengers – Open Beta

The Scavengers Open Beta is now live, so now everyone can join in the frostbitten survival shooter fun.

Featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last week when you had to watch a Twitch stream to access the beta, Scavengers is now in a fully open Beta that you can download now via Steam or the Epic Game Store. It’s a PvPvE squad-based survival shooter where players take control of uniquely skilled fighters and attempt to complete objectives and escape in a dropship while fending off mutated monsters, other players and the weather.

Visually it’s very impressive and the icy wilderness of the post-apocalyptic Earth offers up plenty of interesting challenges to deal with. Matches are fast paced and the combat is a lot of fun. The fact that you never know when you might run into a rival team also increases the tension as the AI controlled enemies are just cannon-fodder in comparison to another player. It’s also got a (thankfully) streamlined take on crafting, which allows you easily craft useful weapons and equipment on-the-fly.

It’s a great take on the survival shooter genre, with fast and fluid gameplay, a unique setting and engaging combat. See if you can survive the icy wilds of Scavengers.

Download The Scavengers Open Beta on Steam or the Epic Game Store