Scene Investigators – Alpha Demo

Scene Investigators is a true crime styled deductive reasoning game where you investigate recreated crime scenes and attempt to deduce what happened there.

Have you ever watched a detective walk into a crime scene and work out exactly what happened there just with the clues lying around the area? Well now you can channel your inner Sherlock and do a little crime scene investigation of your own.

In the demo build of Scene Investigators you are presented with a crime scene which consists of an apartment building where one of the diners at a dinner party was murdered. You’re not formally presented with any information about who was there and what happened, but if you explore the scene and use deductive reasoning you should be able to work out who was sitting at each chair, who was killed and who the killer was.

It’s a great concept and the crime scene is very well constructed to piece together clues without holding your hand. There are plenty of detective games around, but not many of them actually give you freedom to properly investigate and reach your own conclusions. Real-life crime scenes don’t have multiple choice options, pre-defined investigation routes or highlighted clues so it’s nice that Scene Investigators doesn’t either. Any detective game that makes you want to reach for a pen and paper to jot things down is definitely doing something right!

Download The Scene investigators Alpha Demo Here (Steam)