Scent of Sorrow – Student Game download

Scent of Sorrow is an incredibly touching narrative driven adventure about a dog who wakes up lost in a forest with no sign of its owner.

Created by students at ISART Digital, Scent of Sorrow is a first person adventure viewed through the eyes of a dog who finds themselves lost in a forest. As you explore you can use your sense of smell to highlight certain points of interest, and reaching them reveals a little more story about you and your owner. Some objects can stress you out though, and it tells a lot about your dog’s psyche when you understand what all these objects have in common.

This review has deliberately stayed clear mentioning what the heart of the story is about to avoid any spoilers, but needless to say it’s very different from most faithful pet stories. It’s a beautifully crafted little game that tells its story incredibly well and really hits hard with some emotional beats. Highly recommended

Download Scent of Sorrow Here (Windows)