Schein – Beta Demo


Here we have Schein, a new weird but wonderful puzzle platformer developed as the pilot indie game of Zeppelin Studio based in Austria.  The aim of the game is to find your lost child amongst the dark, folk-lore style swamp, using the elements of light, and your legendary wisp to reveal various puzzles and obstacles.

The game has a unique mechanic where certain scopes of light will reveal certain platforms and dangers, and the player must select the right colour of light at just the right time to proceed.  This game will keep you entertained, challenged and intrigued as you run through the perilous land of Schein.

Currently the game is still in development but Zeppelin have released a Beta Demo version to sate our thirst for Schein.  The Demo is one level of puzzles with the beginnings of the story, and is thoroughly enjoyable.  It’s sure to keep you wanting more and the only saddening part is when it ends and you’re unable to carry on going!

Vote for the game on Greenlight HERE

Download the Beta Demo HERE and let us know your thoughts!