Schiaffi & Fagioli – Game Jam Build Download

schiaffi and fagioli

Schiaffi & Fagioli, a They Call Me Trinity-Inspired side scrolling beat ‘em up made for the Spaghetti Western Jam, has you beating up cowboys after they insulted your best friend’s mother!

They said his mother was enormous. This may, or may not be true, but you will not stand for it! So now you must show them what you guys are made of. This game can be played single player, with your friend as a CPU, or as a local multiplayer on one keyboard. The west is a place of fighting and whiskey. As you go from each western scene, fighting along the way, people will appear to replenish your health. This is filled by people throwing whiskey or beans.

The current game jam build offers up a short slice of spaghetti western beat-em-up mayhem, as you beat up mobs of cowboys with pans, other people, bombs, or empty bottles and try to avenge your friend’s mother.  It’s a short, silly and fun experience, filled with excellent pixel art and some very odd (translated) dialogue. Thankfully, the developers plan to continue work on the game, so we’ll be looking forward to more of Schiaffi & Fagioli’s adventures!

Note: You can change the language of this game to English in the options menu – though it may still not make sense!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Schiaffi & Fagioli Here