SCHiM – Beta Demo

SCHiM is a very creative puzzle platforming adventure where you can only move through the shadows cast by other objects in the world.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, in the world of SCHiM every object has their own soul/spirit that is called a shim. You are one of these shims and you’ve become detached from your thing (a human), so you must now track him down and rejoin with him. The problem is that schim’s live in shadows, so you can’t venture into the light – you need to hop from one shadow to another as you traverse the various environments.

The SCHiM demo features a good selection of levels, complete with hidden collectibles to find. It’s a delightful experience, with a great visual style, creative level design and unique gameplay. A superb shadow-hopping 3D platformer with some magnificent game design. Highly recommended.

Check Out a SCHiM Gameplay Video Here

Download The SCHiM Beta Demo Here (Steam)