Schwarzerblitz – Beta Download

Schwarzerblitz is a 90’s style 3D polygonal fighting game, with fast paced 1v1 combat, quirky characters, fluid combos and a bizarre Sci-Fi narrative about a government project that has shaken the continent of Europe.

The 8-way movement, 3D combat and low poly visual style of Schwarzerblitz draws inspiration from the Early Tekken and Virtua Fighter games, while the narrative and characters seem to be taken from a strange Anime fever dream. If you want to see how weird things get then you can jump into Schwarzerblitz’s fully fledged single player Story Mode which plays a little like the Street Fighter V story mode, where each character gets their own episode in a Sci-Fi story that’s delightfully silly and thoroughly entertaining.

If you don’t fancy the story mode Schwarzerblitz also has a classic Arcade Mode or a Free Match mode which allows you to fight against other players locally. There’s also a LOT of content and unlockable content, with 22 playable characters, 33 different stages and even some special game modes to unlock.

The characters in Schwarzerblitz are wonderfully eclectic, with it including (among others) a variety of animal/human hybrids, a fighter with no arms, a politically incorrect robot and a raptor with a minigun. They’re all pretty interesting (particularly if you learn more about them in Story Mode) and they all have their own unique fighting styles, special attacks and combos.

The combat obviously doesn’t rival Street Fighter V or SoulCalibur VI, but it is a lot of fun and feels more fluid than the classic 90’s fighters Schwarzerblitz is inspired by. It’s a great bit of retro fighting fun with memorable characters, a crazy narrative and plenty of unlockables.

Download The Schwarzerblitz Beta Here (Windows)