Schweinballons – Game Jam Build


Schweinballons, a charming, challenging, retro game made for the GBJam 4, has you throwing and kicking your floating pig-balloon son to aid you on your quest to find your other lost sons.

Your sons have been kidnapped by evil wild boars. One fell out and was able to escape during the commotion, but the rest have been scattered around the land. It is up to you, and your only left son, to find the rest and bring them back home.

The one pig son you have left is quite useful. He follows you around and appears where you are, so no need to worry about keeping him in screen. This piglet is used to fight the wild boars or break bricks, by throwing or kicking him into them. He also can give you a boost up if you jump on top of his head. Catching and throwing your pig son is quite challenging, though after a while, you can master the controls. Will you be able to save all of your sons?

Play Schweinballons HERE