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Schwing is a wonderfully weird and nausea-inducingly wobbly little physics based adventure that sees you beating up friendly fart monsters and befriending a chilli-cooking dinosaur!

In Schwing you control a floaty blue man with a baseball bat and explore a strange low rez world. The camera constantly wobbles like a drunkard, and if you swing your bat then the camera moves with it too, really increasing your feeling of dizziness and nausea.

There are lots of odd characters to meet, talk to and hit with a your baseball bat – perhaps the most important of which are a friendly dinosaur who wants to invite you to his annual chilli night and the hordes of little fart monsters that follow you around. The dinosaur politely asks you not to kill the fart monsters (and especially not to kill 100 of them). Will you obey his wishes? Or will you slaughter them all with your baseball bat just because they make a funny farting noise when you hit them?

It’s a very weird little adventure that disorientates, nauseates and amuses with it’s wobbly camera, quirky characters and silly physics based baseball bat whacking gameplay. A super silly adventure that may make you puke, but it’ll make you smile as well!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Schwing Prototype Here (Windows)

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