Scorch – Beta Download

Scorch is a clever little first person narrative adventure in which you play a detective who must gather information at a murder scene and then deduce who did it, how they did it and what their motives were.

In Scorch you play a detective who’s on his final warning for his irresponsible behaviour and alcoholism. You may be able to earn some goodwill though if you manage to crack this case – a murder where the victim appears to have been burned to death in a shed. You explore the victims home and surrounding area, looking for clues that should help you piece together the narrative.

The killer hasn’t been too great at covering their tracks, but it’s not just the killer you need to get right – you also need to know what happened in the lead up to the attack, what the motives were and how the killer did it. It’s a little like playing a game of Clue in the setting from Firewatch. Getting everything correct will take some real detective work and there’s ever a few red herrings in there to throw you off the scent.

Scorch is still in development so does have a few minor bugs and missing assets, but it’s a clever little detective adventure with a well thought out murder mystery to solve. An intriguing case, well worth delving into.

Note: Once you’ve gathered all your clues, press ‘TAB’ then press the telephone icon to submit your report. Make sure you have all the facts straight first though!

Download the Scorch Beta Here (Windows)