Scotch Broom – Game Jam build

Scotch Broom is a creepy and surreal little point and click murder mystery adventure where you investigate the latest in a series of bizarre murders that you keep being called to by an anonymous caller.

Created in Twine for the Scream City game jam, Scotch Broom is a strange and unsettling murder mystery where you may find clues, but nothing makes sense. Lately you’ve been getting calls in the middle of the night with a calm voice announcing “There’s been another one”. You don’t work for the police, but each time you go to the crime scene before they get there and search for clues. Tonight you’ve received another call so you head out to investigate another bizarre murder scene that involves a talking wound, a bottomless hole and a strange coin.

You’re left with more questions than answers at the end of Scotch Broom but it’s a very tense and atmospheric experience. There’s lots of weird stuff going on, a large proportion of which you assume (or hope) is in just your mind playing tricks on you. Maybe you should get some sleep and avoid that awful diner coffee!

Note: Scotch Broom is a downloadable game, but you have to play it in your browser. Once you’ve extracted the files double click the “Index.html” to start the game in your browser.

Download Scotch Broom Here (Browser)