Scout’s Oath – Student Game

Scout’s Oath is a charming little third person puzzle platforming adventure where you control a little scout who must make his way through a burning clubhouse and save his friends.

In Scout’s Oath you take control of Clifford, a brave little scout who as just woken up to find that the scout’s clubhouse is on fire. You must now make your way through the burning clubhouse, using water to extinguish flames and using teamwork with the other shouts that you rescue to save the day.

Clifford is a pretty competent little scout on his own, but he’ll also meet friends that come in handy too. You can stand on top of your friends and walk around like a Mario Odyssey-esque Goomba stack,allowing you to reach higher places, and you can also throw your friends to out of reach platforms so they can operate machinery for you.

It takes around 15 minutes to play through Scouts Oath and it makes for a very charming little puzzle platforming adventure. The puzzles aren’t particularly taxing, but the visuals are excellent, the teamwork mechanics are fun and the way the little scouts hold hands is adorable. A delightful little adventure well worth scouting out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Scout’s Oath Here (Windows)