SCP: Blackout – Beta Demo

SCP: Blackout is a freaky first person horror game where you explore and try to survive in a top secret SCP research facility where all the monsters have escaped.

Playable in VR (Oculus & Vive) or non-VR, SCP: Blackout is a tense first person horror game based on the SCP universe. The SCP Foundation was founded to contain and study anomalous (and often dangerous) entities. The SCP actually stands for “Secure, Contain, Protect” – three things that certainly aren’t happening in the facility you find yourself trapped in!

The full game will feature a branching narrative with eight different endings and two different Doctors (Dr. Millar or Dr. Slate) who guide you on your journey, both with their own motives and goals. The current demo build features a sizeable chunk of gameplay and sees you attempting to find keycards to open doors to allow you to make your way through the facility whilst avoiding the freaky monsters that stalk the halls.

The gameplay in SCP: Blackout isn’t particularly original but it’s got a a great sense of atmosphere, the monsters are suitably freaky and it’s got a delightfully dark sense of humor. It’s clearly more aimed at fans of the SCP lore, but newcomers should get a kick out of it too. Maybe someday an SCP facility will actually be able to “Secure, Contain and Protect” rather than letting all the monsters run free!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The SCP: Blackout Beta Demo Here (Steam – VR or Non-VR)