SCP – Containment Breach is set in a secret research facility containing creatures, items and places that threaten the normality of the world.   Unfortunately for you, a massive containment breach occurs and you end up alone and unarmed in the darkness with the escaped entities roaming the facility.

The game features a variety of genuinely creepy monsters, like the one pictured above (SCP-173), an animate concrete sculpture, supernaturally fast, extremely hostile and likes snapping peoples necks.  It only moves when you’re not looking at it, a characteristic that is played up with great effect though use of the blink mechanics in the game, with the player being forced to blink every once in a while when the ”blink meter” is depleted.

SCP – Containment breach is still in development so it does have some rough edges, but even now the game can be thoroughly disturbing, with a variety of well designed monsters and randomly generated levels always keeping the player on edge.  Turn down the lights and turn up the volume as you enter SCP-Containment Breach and we bet you won’t blink once, even if your character does!

Download the Beta HERE