SCP: Project Unreal – Alpha Download

SCP: Project Unreal is a fan made remake of SCP: Containment Breach in Unreal Engine 4, which sees you attempting to escape from an SCP facility where some of the test subjects are on the loose!

The current build of SCP: Project Unreal is very early in development but it’s already a very tense and freaky experience where death is just a blink away. It currently contains around the first 20 minutes of SCP: Containment Breach and sees you avoiding SCP-173’s while trying to find the access cards that will allow you to enter the Heavy Containment Zone.

For those unaware, SCP-173 is a freaky looking monster that behaves similarly to the Weeping Angels in Doctor Who – they only move when you’re not looking at them and will kill you if they get a hold of you. Unfortunately you can’t physically keep your eyes on them at all times because you have to blink – you have a blink gauge that counts down the time until you need to blink again (and you can manually blink to reset it), so you need to be as far away as possible from an SCP-173 as possible when you do!

Even in these early stages of development SCP: Project Unreal is a pretty faithful recreation of the original game. The visual style doesn’t fully unitise the power of the Unreal Engine 4 yet, but it’s pretty terrifying nonetheless and the dev plans to update the models and textures, and even add new SCP’s as they go (while still retaining the art style of the original).

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download SCP: Project Unreal Alpha Here (Windows)

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