SCP: Secret Files – Alpha Demo

SCP: Secret Files is a first person horror adventure where an agent is sent to retrieve the black box from an SCP facility that has lost contact with the outside world.

The SCP: Secret Files demo plays like a standalone story based around one SCP anomaly. You take on the role of an agent who awakens in a hospital bed and is promptly questioned by her superiors about what happened on her last mission. You’d been sent into a SCP facility that the SCP organisation had lost contact with. They feared the worst, but needed to know what happened there, so your mission was to retrieve the black box that served as a record for the events occurring in the facility. Needless to say, your mission didn’t go as planned.

SCP: Secret Files is quite different from the majority of SCP games. It’s much more linear and narrative-based, and steers clear of the most common (overused) monsters, such as SCP-173. In fact for a large part of the demo, you actually don’t know what the main SCP anomaly is that’s caused so much trouble (making the reveal particularly enjoyable).

The visuals are excellent, the story is very entertaining and it offers a fun take on the SCP lore. If each of the stories in the full game are as good as this one then it could be a fantastic addition to the catalogue of SCP-based horror games.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The SCP: Secret Files Alpha Demo Here (Steam)