Scrabdackle – Kickstarter Demo

Scrabdackle is a delightful doodle styled action RPG adventure where a wizard who’s never left the wizard academy before sets out into a world that’s been corrupted by dark magic.

Drawing inspiration from Link’s Awakening, An Untitled Story, and Hollow Knight, Scrabdackle is a whimsical action RPG adventure set in a once harmonious land that’s been corrupted by dark magic. There’s a good chance that the wizard academy you attend may have played a part in this corruption, and after being expelled from the academy you set out on an adventure to try and purge the corruption and mend the land’s fractured heart.

Scrabdackle takes place in a genderless world that’s full of interesting characters to meet and a rich lore to discover. It features a nice blend of non-linear exploration and action, with a fun fast paced spell-based combat system that allows for over 50 possible spellcrafting combinations. It allows for plenty of combat options but to beat the more powerful enemies you’ll need to learn their attack patterns and anticipate them.

It’s an impressive game with a rich and vibrant world that’s packed full of charm and character. A wonderful wizarding adventure that will take you to some strange places filled with even stranger characters. Highly recommended.

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