Scrambl’d – Game jam Build

Scrambl’d is an eggstremely tough retro Game Boy precision platforming game where you attempt to roll a little egg back to its nest while avoiding big falls and deadly hazards.

Created for Ludum Dare 46, in Scrambl’d you control a slightly cracked little egg that needs to get back to its nest. As you have no legs you can’t jump, but there are often various springs that you can use to get into the air – it’s the landing that’s the problem though!

Being an egg, you’re rather fragile, so hitting spikes or falling from high distances will turn you into a Scrambl’d egg! Controlling your momentum is key, as you attempt to ensure a safe landing – often on a nice and soft haystack that will cushion your impact.

There are only 9 levels, but they are VERY challenging, so it’ll take some time to crack Scrambl’d. It’s also very addictive, thanks to the charming visuals, momentum-based platforming, creative level design and super-catchy soundtrack. Highly recommended.

Download or Play Scrambl’d Here (Game Boy or Browser)