Scrap Mettle – Student Game

Scrap Mettle is an action packed first person Sci-Fi brawler where you punch your way through a spaceship full of robots while trying to get your left arm back!

Created by students of the Digipen Institute of Technology, in Scrap Mettle you step into the space-boots of a one-armed space mercenary called Scrapper, who is on a mission to get his other arm back after losing it in a fight to the infamous Juggernaut. To get to Juggernaut you’ll first have to fight your way through an entire spaceship filled with deadly robots, and seeing as you’re not really one for guns, you’ll have to smash them to pieces with your right fist!

The gameplay in Scrap Mettle is fast paced, chaotic and full of carnage. It’s the sort of game where you don’t just open doors – you punch your way through them. Aside from the bosses, all of the enemies in the game can be dispatched with just one punch, but you need to dodge attacks and get up close to them to land your blows. As you progress through the levels more deadly robots are introduced, but you also unlock new skills, such as health regeneration or a multidirectional dash which can really come in handy.

It takes around 20 minutes to play through Scrap Mettle and it’s an adrenaline fuelled thrill-ride from start to finish. There’s a real sense of speed as you run, jump and punch your way through an army of robots and it’s got a great Duke Nukem-esque pulp Sci-fi vibe. It really needs a sequel though – if this is the amount of carnage your hero can do with one arm, imagine how much damage he could do with two! Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Scrap Mettle Here (Windows)