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Scrapped is a gorgeous Unreal Engine-powered puzzle platformer in which you use magnetic forces to propel your little robot through hazardous, trap filled areas as you attempt to reach safety after being scrapped for being defective.

In Scrapped you play a charming little robot called c-23. Unfortunately after a short testing period, it’s found that C-23 doesn’t meet the manufacturers specifications and is tossed out as garbage. It’s up to you to navigate through a deadly trap-filled scrapyard and find a new home for C-23. The road is perilous, but C-23 has the nifty ability to propel himself by switching polarities around special launchpads. It’s great fun using these pads to help you float through the air and makes for a unique and thoroughly enjoyable platforming experience.

Developed by 14 game development students at SMU, Scrapped is a perfect example of 3rd person platforming gaming. From the adorable character design to the beautiful visuals and fun polarity-based gameplay – the entire experience is highly polished and well designed. Give Scrapped five minutes and you’ll fall in love with the robot and the game. A perfect little platformer that’s certainly not a pile of scrap.

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Check Out a Scrapped Gameplay Video Here

Download Scrapped Here (Windows only)

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