Scraps of Light – Alpha Demo

Scraps of Light is a very cool rotoscoped first person tile-based dungeon crawler where you fight your way through a dark digital world that’s been constructed by an experimental AI.

In Scraps of Light an experimental artificial intelligence called MERCURY has been tasked with creating a cyberspace on your company’s servers. The cyberspace has been built according to the directives MERCURY was given and now you need to explore and investigate it.

As you explore MERCURY’s strange cyberworld you’ll fight your way through MERCURY’s defense programs using some very stylish rotoscoped attacks. There are hundreds of unlockable attacks/skills and you’re able to equip up to eight at a time, allowing you to tailor your skills to the situation.

It’s a very unique take on the classic dungeon crawling genre that allows for fast paced and streamlined gameplay while still allowing for plenty of tactical options. The audio and visual design is particularly impressive with some very cool rotoscoped hand animations and an excellent soundtrack. Plus, there’s something very satisfying about winning a battle by using a devil horns hand symbol!

Download the Scraps of Light Alpha Demo Here (Windows)