Scribble Ships – Beta Download


Scribble Ships is a fun little 2D top down shooter in which you can draw your own ship and take it into battle against little doodle ships on a scrap of paper!

The evil black and white doodle spaceships are attacking you and attempting to take your color away. It’s up to you to blast them with your paint guns to color them in and stick them to the paper background. You have a choice of three normal pre-made ships, each with their own attributes, but obviously the real joy lies in creating your very own ship and unleashing it on the black and white hordes.

Scribble Ships is still early in development, so the gameplay lacks a little refinement and it can be a little too easy until the boss turns up, but it’s a wonderfully cheerful take on the shoot-em-up genre that really allows you to leave your mark on the game world. The ability to draw your own ship is a particular highlight – obviously some people are going to create some rather rude looking ships, but we kept it clean with a traditional long cylindrical rocket with two large round thrusters either side!

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Download The Scribble Ships Beta Here (Windows)