Scrolls – Beta Demo


Scrolls is a great new Collectable Card Game (CCG) that has unenviable task of being Mojang’s follow-up to the supernova of success that is Minecraft.  Those that are looking for a game that will revolutionise the face of gaming will be sorely disappointed, but those looking for a thoroughly enjoyable CCG that combines the best bits of card and board games in one streamlined and well crafted package need look no further.  Scrolls is here.

It’s an easy to pick-up game that has a remarkable attention to detail, with over 350 fully animated Scroll units, a crafting system, single-player campaigns and an array of multi-player gaming modes.  All cards, apart from the four starter decks can be earned through play or traded with other players, and although you can use real currency to purchase scrolls, there’s really no need to – everything can be purchased for a reasonable price with the in-game currency.

After being in Beta for over a year, Scrolls is gearing up for it’s full release, with Mojang releasing a Beta Demo to give players a taste of Scrolls gameplay and to help identify any last minute bugs.  The wonderful art style, animation, polish and deep tactical gameplay make for a thoroughly enjoyable Collectable Card Game that’ll keep you coming back for more.  Is it Minecraft? Of course not. Is it a well crafted and rather addictive piece of Collectable Card Gaming? Damn right it is!

Download the Beta Demo HERE (Win, Mac & Linux – Click on ‘Try Scrolls’ to Download)