ScubaBear – Game Jam Build

Scubabear game

ScubaBear, a charming metroidvania platformer made for the Ludum Dare 29, has you playing a cute little bear who goes searching for treasure!

In ScubaBear you are a bear who enjoys searching for treasure. Some of these treasures are fun little in-jokes, like a flappy bird or a pokeball, while others will really help you explore the lands and unlock new areas. Things like the subgear and tridents help you out greatly when it comes to finding new areas to explore. Having an extra oxygen tank lets you go deeper in the water, having a trident allows you to kill enemy crabs easily. You can even end up flying slightly, allowing you to get to higher areas.

You do have a map that shows all of the treasures you have collected, as well as blank spots for the treasures you could potentially find. If you die, either by enemies or drowning, your ghost will float back to the start and collide with your body, keeping all of the treasures you have collected so far.

It’s a joy exploring the vibrant little seaside world of ScubaBear, with its fun metroidvania gameplay, whimsical in-jokes and adorable pixel art animation. A wonderful little adventure well worth diving into.

Play ScubaBear Here (Browser)