Sea Creeps – Game Jam Build

Sea Creeps is a creepy and darkly comedic little 2D horror adventure where a Soviet diver makes a startling discovery while exploring the ocean.

Created for the DreadXP Dredge the Depths game jam, in Sea Creeps you take on the role of a diver who has been sent to replace a missing diver at a secret Soviet research facility. There are rumors that there was an American spy at the facility and you won’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out who the spy is. The diving facility staff are convinced that the missing diver was the spy, and now that he’s gone it’s up to you to go and retrieve the research probes from the depths of the ocean…

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, Sea Creeps is a great little horror game with a nice sense of humor, an eerie atmosphere and some funny characters. The pixel artwork is very well done and there are some fun twists along the way. See what mysteries you discover in the depths!

Play Sea Creeps Here (Browser)