Sea of Stars – Beta Demo

Sea of Stars is a beautiful pixel art turn-based RPG adventure set in a fantasy land of pirates and magic that’s being corrupted by an evil alchemist.

Drawing inspiration from classic 16 bit era RPGs, Sea of Stars is an incredible looking adventure set in a magical fantasy world with a touch of piracy. The game will follow the story of two Children of the Solace, who can perform powerful Eclipse Magic that they can use to fight back against an evil alchemist called The Fleshmancer.

The demo build of Sea of Stars is deliberately disjointed to avoid any serious plot spoilers, but it features a sizable chunk of gameplay and really immerses you in the world. The turn-based combat is pretty standard RPG fare, but it works well, has cool timing-based elements and allows characters to team up for special moves. Also, there are no random encounters, no transitions to battlefields and there’s no grinding.

The world itself is a wondrous place to explore, filled with beautiful pixel artwork, interesting things to discover and for characters to meet. Especially nice is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously, with some great little bits of quirky humor throughout. It feels like a perfect evolution of the classic 16 bit JRPG formula, infused with plenty of its own personality. Highly recommended.

Download The Sea of Stars Beta Demo Here (Steam)