Sea Salt – Kickstarter Demo

Sea Salt is a wonderfully macabre top down action strategy game in which you take direct control of a swarm of Lovecraftian monsters and attempt to slaughter all the humans in a putrid city.

Currently in development by YCJY (creators of The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human), in Sea Salt you take on the role of an apostle of an Eldritch god and have the ability to command an army of minions that are all linked by a hive mind. Your aim is to invade a nearby city and use your minions to dispatch all the hunters, peasants and religious figures that inhabit it, with an aim of killing the High Bishop of the Church.

The current build of Sea Salt offers around 10 minutes of gameplay and features a fun blend of strategy, combat and Lovecraftian horror. You have direct control of your swarm, guiding them with the left analogue stick (or WASD). Being a swarm some of your minions do break off in different directions now and again, but the majority of them go where you want them to.

There are three different types of minions in the current build (fast, strong and ranged), each of which can be summoned from altars that you reach. The humans will fight back, so when you go on the offense it’s best to rush in as fast as possible and overwhelm them, causing them to panic and making them easier to pick off.

It’s a fun game with excellent pixel art animation, fast paced strategic combat and a wonderfully grim premise. You have to feel a little bit guilty for all those humans you slaughter, but commanding your horde of minions is just too much fun!

Download The Sea Salt Kickstarter Demo Build Here (Windows)