Search Party: Director’s Cut – Beta Demo

Search Party: Director’s Cut is a creepy retro SNES styled survival horror game about a young boy who goes missing inside a strange house.

The original version of Search Party was released to Puppet Combo Patreon subscribers back in 2019, but the Director’s Cut will be releasing on Steam and will be a substantial upgrade from the original. It’s being created by Lum (creator of Paranoihell and The Devil Haunts Me) and draws inspiration from the cat and mouse gameplay of Clock Tower and Resident Evil’s resource management.

The full game will see you taking on the role of a girl called Claire who goes in search of her missing 8 year old brother, Daniel. The current demo build serves as a prologue to the full game and puts you in the shoes of Daniel and sees him playing a game with a creepy kid who runs off into an eerie old mansion. It’s obviously not a spoiler to say that Daniel doesn’t make it back out in the demo, but there are two endings depending on your actions.

It’s a promising game with an intriguing plot, a great retro pixel art aesthetic and an intense slasher-horror vibe. Any kid who willingly goes into that freaky old house is asking for trouble though!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Search Party: Director’s Cut Beta Demo Here (Steam)