SeaRing – Beta Demo

SeaRing is a whimsical top-down pixel art action adventure that follows the Princess of the Sea as she ventures out of the sea onto dry land, in search of her mother’s lost crown.

The Sea Queen is dead, and now it’s time for her daughter to step up and take the crown. But first she’ll need to fetch it. To do so she’ll need to leave the sea and make a perilous journey through the desert, the volcano and the Temple of the Sun. Only when she wears the crown will she be proclaimed the true Sea Queen.

There are many obstacles between you and your crown, chief of which is a nefarious bandit leader, Saladino. He uses his minions to try and thwart your quest every chance he gets. As you’re a pacifist you don’t really have any way to fight back either, so you’ll need to use brains and your protective water aura to get past them.

The demo build features a good chunk of gameplay and it’s a lot of fun to spend time in its charming world. There are lots of quirky characters to meet, the pacifism-based gameplay is pretty unique and the pixel artwork is excellent. An out-of-water adventure that’s not too dry.

Download The SeaRing Beta Demo Here (Steam)