Seaway – Game Jam Build

Seaway is a stylish little seafaring adventure where you you sail through a beautiful ocean, upgrading your ship and battling pirates.

In Seaway, pirates are hidden all around the sea, waiting to start attacking you once you are in range. You’ll need to fight back, firing whatever weapons you have and moving around to avoid shots. This is pretty simple, with left click allowing you to move to that point and right click allowing you to fire.

Your health bar is equal to the number of sailors you have on your ship. You can gain more sailors by sailing near islands – they will then just fly onto your ship. These sailors do start off as slaves, so it’s seen that they are currency. Around the world, there are also many docks that you can bring your ship too, allowing you to purchase upgrades and new weapons in exchange for the slaves you have obtained.

With your upgrades you’ll be able to wage war against ofhter pirates as you attempt to become the best pirate in the entire sea. If you run out of slaves, beware, as the game will end. Seaway also has a relaxing mode where there are no pirates – instead allowing you to sail around the beautiful world.

It’s a beautiful little game with a charming visual style and casual seafaring gameplay that makes for a very chilled out piratey adventure. See how you fare on these stylish open seas!

Play or Download Seaway Here (Browser, Win, Mac, & Linux)