Seclusion – Alpha Demo

Seclusion is a beautiful first person puzzle adventure that draws inspiration from Myst and Riven as you explore a strange world that you were transported to through an old painting.

In Seclusion you awaken in a mysterious world after a painting transported you there. It’s a beautiful place, with jaw dropping vistas and floating islands, but there is a problem – the painting that you traveled through was damaged in the process so you’ll have to find some other way to get back home.

Once you’ve escaped from the initial building you’re locked in and finished marvelling at the scenery, you can then explore a bit and try to figure out some way home. The puzzles are reasonably straight forward and less alien than the likes of Myst, but you will have to pay attention and search for interactable objects around you.

The current build of Seclusion was created for the Icehouse Jam 2019 and contains around 20-30 minutes of gameplay, but the devs are planning to continue production on it. This is a great thing, as its floating islands are a fascinating place to explore and it’d be nice to learn more of the lore. A picturesque puzzle world hidden within a picture.

Download The Seclusion Game Jam Build Here (Windows)