Second Scholar – Student Project Game

Second Scholar is a tricky Sokoban-style grid-based puzzler in which time moves forward when you move up and right, but reverses when you move down and left.

In Second Scholar you control a little spirit which has been sent on a quest to help the Jade Emperor. This quest involves solving a series of Sokoban style puzzles i which your movements can affect time. There are lots of intricacies that are added throughout the games playtime, but the basic premise is that if your character moves up or right then time will flow forwards, but if you move down or left then it will reverse. When time is going forwards then objects will behave normally, but when you reverse time any objects you’ve moved will start to move back to their original positions.

It’s a fun little puzzle adventure with charming visuals and some tricky puzzles to conquer throughout. The time-bending mechanics of Second Scholar may sound complex, but they’re remarkably easy to get your head around, and can allow for some quite complex level design once switches, portals and moveable boxes are implemented too. A great little time-bending Sokoban puzzler well worth taking some time out for.

Download Second Scholar Here (Windows)