Secret Agent No. 6 – Alpha Demo

Secret Agent No. 6 is a Goldeneye inspired retro FPS with horror elements, which sees a legendary secret agent attempting to bring down a terrorist organization.

In Secret Agent No. 6 you will travel to different locations around the world and complete missions to bring down a terrorist organization. The gameplay and visual style is very much inspired by Goldeneye, with N64 styled visuals and stealthy FPS gameplay. The game also promises both horror and non-horror campaigns and over 30 different weapons.

It’s off to a good start but at the moment there are a few issues – the precision aim keeps drifting to the center of the screen, the footstep SFX and head-bob aren’t great and it seems like you’re fighting an army of clones. The precision aim drift makes playing at the moment particularly infuriating, but there’s a lot to like about Secret Agent No. 6 and it does a great job of reecreating the classic Goldeneye vibe.

Download The Secret Agent No. 6 Alpha Demo Here (Steam)