Secret Signs – Beta Demo

Secret Signs is a cleverly crafted experimental puzzle game where each puzzle hides its purpose.

The current build of Secret Signs features 10 different puzzles, each of which is totally unique. Before you can solve each puzzle, first you need to figure out how to interact with it and what the puzzle wants you to do – this can range from making a face from basic geometric shapes to guiding a snake around the screen as it eats pellets. Some puzzles are fairly easy to solve, while some need a lot more thought and experimentation, but each one will teach you an interesting fact related to the puzzle when you complete them.

It’s a great little game with a wonderfully tactile and playful nature to the puzzle design and some genuinely interesting facts to learn behind the puzzles. A slick and stylish little puzzler that’s full of fun little tricks.

Check Out a Secret Signs Gameplay Video Here

Play The Secret Signs Beta Demo Here (Browser)