secret_train_game – Alpha Download

secret_train_game is a wonderfully weird physics based train driving game about making friends and going on an adventure.

You start secret_train_game on a train track going back and forth in a dreary black and white landscape. But then, just off the tracks you spy a little tank who’s calling for help, maybe you can hop off your tracks and give a helping hand? As soon as you do the whole world changes – color fills the screen, a catchy electronic soundtrack kicks in and the tank tells of a nasty goat that broke its turret. Time to go on an adventure!

It’s still early in development, but the world of secret_train_game is a vibrant and joyful place to explore. It’s full of strange surprises, quirky characters and physics based chaos that makes driving your train around in it a delight. A fun little oddity that takes pleasure in straying from the beaten (train) tracks.

Note: When you get to the shoot ‘em up bit (which can be a little confusing), you can use your bombs to destroy the enemy and your boost to bash through the laser beams.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The secret_train_game Alpha Here (Windows & Mac – Control Pad Only)