Sector A23 – Prototype Download

Sector A23 is an incredibly disorientating first person exploration game where you explore a vast procedurally generated alien cave system that completely changes whenever you turn your back on it.

We’ve all played a game (such as Antichamber) where the structure of the level can change when you have your back turned, but Sector A23 takes that concept and cranks it up to 11. It’s set in a vast procedurally generated cave system filled with bizarre alien lifeforms, and the entire world can instantly change when you have your back turned. We’re not talking about minor changes in the scenery either – absolutely everything you see can appear and disappear when you look away for even a second.

It feels very much like a tech demo at the moment, with no real goals other than to explore the caves endlessly or try to reach a small pit located at the bottom. It is a fascinating experience though with some beautiful scenery and some wonderfully weird alien wildlife to discover. The way everything changes when you’re not looking is especially impressive and can be delightful disorientating – it’s hard to get your bearings when nothing ever stays the same!

Download The Sector A23 Prototype Here (Windows and Mac)