Sector A7 – Beta Download

Sector A7 is a very tense deep sea diving horror game where you attempt to repair a massive underwater station that’s home to a giant monster.

In Sector A7 you are a deep sea diver who is employed to carry out repairs on a grimy underwater station. Making repairs generally involves four things – finding and activating the power box, using a hydraulic hammer to destroy egg sacks, using a sealant gun to seal busted pipes and using a suction gun to clear fans. These tasks are fairly easy, but you also have to deal with a massive leviathan that lurks in the murky waters. It only attacks now and again, but when it comes you’d better hide!

It could do with some checkpoints, a little more variety and it would be nice to get a slightly better view of the monster, but it’s a great little horror game. You get a nice sense of achievement from completing your repairs and it makes for a very intense experience when the monster comes calling. Whatever this diver’s getting paid, it’s not enough!

Check Out a Sector A7 Gameplay Video Here

Download The Sector A7 Beta Here (Windows)