Sector Six – Alpha Download

sector six

Sector Six is an awesome new RPG/shooter hybrid that brings together two of life most enjoyable pastimes – building stuff and blowing sh*t up!

You start off in a small, but agile ship, blasting your way through the skies in this very stylish, silhouetted shoot-em-up.  As you progress you’ll level up, unlock abilities and collect lots of procedurally generated ship parts.

You choose missions from a grid, each with their own parameters and random rewards, with missions marked with an exclamation mark being story missions with some really spectacular surprises.  As you level up your fighter, you can build larger and larger ships, progressing from a tiny straighter to a hulking behemoth of destruction.

In the game, you can build all manner of spaceships from procedurally generated parts collected as loot drops and mission rewards.  These parts can be slotted in almost any configuration you like, with the overall amount of blocks you can use increasing every time you level up.

Sector Six is still very early in development so does have some rough edges, but it’s already a very enjoyable experience.  Building is intuitive and fun, while the combat is full of tense gunplay and explosions.  Like playing with a flying Lego set, full of TNT and lasers.

Notes:  Sector Six is very early in development, and although it’s fully functional and great fun to play, it is a tad buggy at the start of the game.  Most notably around the tutorial area.  We highly recommend that you complete this tutorial, but occasionally it takes a more than one attempt.  If you die during the first mission, you may end up quitting to the title screen (which shouldn’t happen) but once you get past the first mission the game unfolds as normal, with you accumulating XP, parts and keeping your progression (even after death).  Also, the save function is barely functional at the moment, but the dev is aware of the problem and is working on a fix.

Despite these minor foibles, we’d really recommend sticking with Sector Six, as once you get into it, it really is an impressive and highly addictive game.

Download The Sector Six Alpha HERE