Sector’s Edge – Beta Download

Sector’s Edge is a very impressive voxel-based FPS where the entire world is completely destructible and massive structures can spectacularly collapse.

Featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year when it was in Alpha, Sector’s Edge is a remarkable FPS where you can really use the fully environment to your advantage. It’s a Sci-Fi FPS with a nice selection of futuristic weaponry, dedicated servers and fast paced 8v8 multiplayer combat, but what’s most impressive is its incredible fully destructible environments.

Sector’s Edge’s custom game engine allows you to blast your way through anything that you see, and even more remarkably, structures adhere to the laws of gravity – so they’ll crash to the ground rather than hover in the air like Minecraft. It’s not all about blowing things up either, you can also build structures (in a similar way to Minecraft), which can really come in handy for setting up some defenses from enemy fire.

It’s a hell of a lot of fun just running around and blowing the environment up in Sector’s Edge and once the novelty wears off you realize what a transformative FPS experience it is. It gives players an incredible amount of freedom and the maps evolve throughout the course of a match thanks to all the ongoing construction and destruction. Highly recommended.

Download The Sector’s Edge Beta Here (Steam)