See You On The Other Side – Student Project Download

see you on the other side

See You on The Other Side is a well crafted and stylish 3D puzzle adventure where you pass through any object that’s covered in a shadow.

You goal is to escape the rather gloomy prison you are held captive in. You do this by using the light (or lack of it) to your advantage. Any shadows can be passed through – whether they be on the floor or on the walls. Once you get to grips with this you can manipulate the environment to your advantage – which you’ll have to do in some creative ways thanks to some clever level design that rewards experimentation and lateral thinking.

As well as unique shadow-based puzzle design, See You On The Other Side also offers up a wonderfully moody atmosphere, thanks to the beautiful black and white visuals and the somber tones of the soundtrack.  It’s a captivating 10 minute black and white puzzle adventure that’ll test your grey matter while you pass through dark matter.

Watch our Playthough HERE

Download See You On The Other Side HERE