Seedlings – Prototype Download

Seedlings is a wonderfully chilled out nature-based puzzle platformer that sees you guiding a little seed through a photo-realistic world.

In Seedlings you take control of a little seed which you attempt to guide through the game world. The seed is only capable of rolling left and right and can’t even jump on its own, but it can possess small twigs, which can allow it to jump, climb walls and fire itself through the air. There are just a few different types of twig to possess in the current build, but no doubt there will be lots more different types of twiggy hosts to possess in future builds of the game to allow for more intricate puzzle design.

The current build of Seedlings takes only a few minutes to play through and isn’t particularly challenging, but it shows a lot of promise. The photo-realistic art style is beautiful, it’s got a wonderfully tranquil atmosphere and it’s fun discovering the different ways your little seed can propel itself through the game world. Get back to nature and check out this beautiful little puzzle platforming adventure for yourself!

Download The Seedlings Prototype Here (Windows)