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Seek is an impressive first person survival horror puzzle adventure game inspired by Amnesia, Outlast and Cry of Fear, that’s set in the 18th century and doesn’t just lock you in a gloomy house, but allows you to explore vast and beautifully rendered expanses of it’s massive game world.

The huge open world of Seek is something you don’t see often in a horror game, with large open expanses that are more reminiscent of an open world RPG.  These open areas highlight how alone you are in the world and also serve to amplify the feeling of claustrophobia when the walls do close in as you enter buildings and tunnel networks.  Scares are pretty few and far between at the moment, but there is a wonderfully eerie atmosphere, a few glimpses of unknown oddities and some rather nasty Lost-style malicious black clouds later on in the Alpha.

Seek features physics based puzzles, such as using objects to bash a door down or building bridges out of planks of wood.  These puzzles are fairly rudimentary at the moment, but they allow for a less formulaic solutions than the standard keycards and levers approach, and no doubt they will get trickier as the game progresses.

The game size and graphical polish in Seek’s Alpha alone puts most full horror game releases to shame.  It looks set to be an epic horror adventure once it’s fully fleshed out – you’re going to need some seriously sturdy walking boots to traverse it’s expanses!

Watch our playthrough of the first half HERE

Download the Alpha HERE

5 thoughts on “Seek – Alpha Download”

    • Haha, we aim to please! We’re checking out a few other horror games too, so if they’re up to scratch they’ll be up on the site in the next few days. :)

  1. suggestion and thoughts:

    For puzzle’s it could use mechanism type puzzle’s with dead bodies as the drop weights or something around those lines and then mechanism’s add ambiance to the sound of the music like screaming etc..

    The whole time I played the alpha demo I felt like some one was following me so it would be cool to see an enity following you maybe the little girl.. overall it was good there was one part that scared the crud out of me was the train station and the burning village.

    The character you play seems some how guilty of what he has done representing the flash backs of the burning village…

    It was really good for being alpha needs work though but I can’t wait when its fully completed :D.

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