Self-Checkout Unlimited – Kickstarter Demo

Self-Checkout Unlimited is a creepy, surreal, dreamlike and oddly nostalgic first person adventure where you find yourself trapped in a strange shopping mall after closing time.

In Self-Checkout Unlimited you awaken on a bench inside a closed shopping mall – The Wilson Center Mall, “a single stop for everything you’ll ever need”. Obviously being trapped in a dark and empty mall is pretty creepy, especially as there’s the occasional unsettling noise and the toy store has an unfeasibly large and very freaky looking stuffed bunny. There’s more going on here than just horror though – there’s a surreal dream-like quality to the experience, infused with a touch of vaporwave and shopping mall nostalgia.

The Kickstarter demo build of Self-Checkout Unlimited takes around 15 minutes to play through and really impresses with it’s unique dreamlike atmosphere and clever use of the setting. There are a few choices you make that don’t really have much impact on how things play out, but hopefully your choices will be more impactful in the full game. It certainly seems that it’ll offer plenty for players to think about as they explore this surreal and eerie empty old shopping mall.

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Download The Self-Checkout Unlimited Kickstarter Demo Here (Windows & Mac)