SELF – Prototype Download

SELF is a tricky pixel art precision platformer about a lost soul that can use guidable air-dashes as it goes in search of fragments of its self.

Created by mmat_ugh (creator of Yin and Yang), dev_dwarf (creator of Lianthus) and with sound design by Connor Grail, SELF is a hardcore precision platformer where you’re touched by a higher being as you go in search of fragments of your self. You can run and jump as in a traditional platfomer, but you also have a soul ability which allows you to project your soul and then fire yourself in that direction. It works much like a Celese-esque air-jump, but you have more control of the direction you fire yourself in and you hang in the air a while longer while you direct it.

It’s a very promising game with beautiful pixel art animation, challenging gameplay and a fun core game mechanic. Even though you die often it’s a fairly chilled out experience that doesn’t frustrate and the moments when the higher being shows up are very intriguing. It’s certainly a lot of fun playing with your SELF!

Download or Play the SELF Prototype Here (Windows & Browser)