Self Shot – Alpha Download

Self Shot is a very stylish and fast paced low poly first person shooter with platforming elements, where you venture into the depths of your consciousness and blast your negative emotions and fears.

Currently in development by Vadd Games, Self Shot is is a stylish first person shooter that follows a 17 year old girl called Ren, with the ability to dive into the depths of her own subconscious. After her best friend goes missing, Ren searches for clues within the dark corners of her subconscious, where she’ll also have to battle shadowy monsters and bosses, each of which represents a different fear anxiety and doubt that she holds on to.

There’s not much of the narrative in the current Alpha build of Self Shot, but there is a good 10 minutes worth of run n’ gun monster blasting fun. You have a large arsenal of weapons to try out, ranging from a samurai sword to a rocket launcher, all of which are very satisfying to use and are great fun for slaying enemies with. Most enemies are fairly easy to dispatch, but there are some close moments when groups of them spawn right next to you. There’s a significant amount of platforming in Self Shot too, which doesn’t punish you too much for failure, but adds a nice bit of challenge and variety to the proceedings.

It’s still early in development but even in its current Alpha build there’s no denying how fun the gameplay is in Self Shot. The movement is fast and fluid, the game world is interesting and the guns are all satisfying to fire. A run n’ gun voyage of self-discovery well worth pulling the trigger on.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Self Shot Alpha Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)