Selfloss – Beta Demo

Selfloss is a beautiful and very touching narrative-driven adventure that draws inspiration from Russian and Icelandic folklore as a suicidal old man brings harmony back to the land and heals his own wounded soul.

In Selfloss you follow the story of a kind old man who has suffered a tragic loss that has pushed him to almost ending his life. However, upon hearing the cries of an unknown creature in trouble, he sets out on an adventure where he gives aid to mythical beasts as he cleanses the world and heals his own wounded soul

The current demo build of Selfloss takes around 30 minutes to play through and sees you giving aid to three mythical beasts along the way. An integral part of this is your magical staff that generates light which you can use to cast different spells (such as activating objects or destroying a dark infection that’s corrupting the land).

It’s a delightful, but also very touching experience exploring Selfloss’s magical world and discovering the many wonders it holds. The audio and visual design is superb and you really feel connected to the old man as he makes his journey that’s filled with love and loss.

It’s a fantastic game, and it’s worth noting that Selfloss is being created by just one person (Alexander Goodwin), which is pretty incredible considering it feels like something high end indie studios like thatgamecompany, Playdead or Supergiant would make. The art design and level of polish is incredible and even the 30 minute demo delivers a more touching narrative than most AAA games manage in their entire play time. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Selfloss Beta Demo Here (Steam)