Semblance – Alpha Download


Semblance is a wonderfully inventive and superbly squishy puzzle platforming adventure in which you can deform the game world and squash your character into different forms as you attempt to save your world from an infection of a strange hard substance.

In Semblance you control an adorable little character called Squish – a squishy little being who has been created from the life essence of the (also squishy) world in an attempt to fend off an infection that’s causing a strange hard material to spread through the world. As the world is made up of a soft material you can deform it by jumping and dashing at it, allowing you bend and shape the world at will. And as you are a squishy little being that’s made out of the same material as the game world, if you dash into the hard substance that’s infecting it then you can stretch or squash your character. Squashing or squishing your character not only allows you to squeeze between tight gaps, but also has a dramatic affect on your horizontal and vertical jumping distances.

This ability to squash your character and deform the landscape allows for some remarkably inventive puzzle design that constantly asks you to think outside the box. The stylish squashy world is a joy to explore and experiment in with it’s striking minimalist visuals, cleverly crafted puzzles and beautiful ambient audio tracks that are punctuated by the squelchy noises of your character.

Semblance is still in the Alpha stages of development, but it already offers a high level of polish, beautiful visuals and some of the most unique, inventive and satisfying takes on the puzzle platforming genre we’ve seen in a long time. A superb squashforming adventure that we highly recommend checking out.

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