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Senses High is a super stylish blend of time bending and still-frame comic books, that sees you going forwards and backwards in time in individual frames to affect the outcome in other frames.

The time manipulation mechanics in Senses High can take a little time to wrap your brain around, but it’s pretty ingenious. You can left click on an individual comic book frame to move it forwards in time and right click it to move backwards as you assist a mysterious protagonist as he attempts to escape from the police.

Every person within the frame you click is affected by your left and right clicking (travelling backwards and forwards in time), but crucially characters that aren’t visible within that frame are not. This means that you use your time bending powers and the different viewing angles afforded by the different frames to maneuver the characters into the positions you need to allow the story to progress. So for instance, to escape the first scene, you need to re-arrange the timeline so that the police will shoot out the glass before the protagonist tries to jump through it.

It’s a very clever concept that can really screw with your head as you attempt to solve its time-bending puzzles. As well as impressing with its inventive puzzle design, the audio and visual design is fantastic, especially the super stylish comic book visuals – it really does feel like you’re interacting with a real comic book and affecting its narrative. A remarkable fusion of comic books and gaming. Highly recommended.

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