Separated – Game Jam Build Download


Separated is a heartbreaking tale of a misunderstood monster who can’t communicate with the humans in the village, and is doomed to wander the world alone, disliked and unloved.

In the game, you wake into existence in a graveyard filled with fireflies.  As you wander the village, it soon becomes apparent that you’re seen as a monster, to be feared, despised and hated.  You can try to talk to the villagers by pressing the action button, but all that comes out is a garbled mixture of letters (and they run away as soon as they see you anyway).

As you play through Separated you grow to pity the monster, an adorable little creation who’s only crime is being different, destined to be forever alone.  There are mystical runes and houses scattered around the village, but nothing that you can interact with, nothing that will cure you or provide shelter from the crushing loneliness.

Although it isn’t immediately apparent, there is a proper ending to Separated (it occurs once you’ve tried to talk to enough villagers) and it’s one of the most heartbreaking experiences since Yours, Truly – a gut punch that will really bring a tear to the eye, and the perfect end to a game which conveys more emotion in it’s wordless 10 minute playtime than most games manage in 10 hours.  Highly recommended.

Check Out a Playthrough HERE (Contains Spoilers)

Download Separated HERE (Windows, Mac & Linux)