SEQUENCE STORM – Beta Download

SEQUENCE STORM is a super cool fusion of rhythm action and futuristic racing that sees you racing opponents along twisty tracks in your upgradeable anti-gravity racer.

SEQUENCE STORM is technically a racer, but it most resembles the hypnotic rhythm action gameplay of Thumper. In the game you race along a series of futuristic tracks, timing button presses to the on screen prompts and competing against other racers for first place.

The tracks are like long and twisted Guitar Hero fret boards, with the button prompts speeding towards you as you race along them. If you time your button press correctly you’ll go faster, increase your boost and earn more health, while the inverse is true if you screw up. Boosting decreases your health but allows you to speed past your opponents, skip sections of the track and interestingly, gives you direct control of your ship for a few seconds (which can be handy when overtaking opponents). Do well and you’ll earn points that you can use to upgrade your ship, as well as tracks and harder game modes.

It’s a great fusion of rhythm action and racing, and even in its current form SEQUENCE STORM is a very polished experience, with a fantastic electronic soundtrack, challenging gameplay and visuals that fly by at incredible speeds. An awesome rhythm action racer with breakneck speed and badass beats.

Note: Control Pad Highly Recommended

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Sequence Storm Beta Here (Windows)